My #!/bin/bash scripts:

Earlier (about 3-4 years ago) there was no easy way of installing third-party web-service applications on Ubuntu Desktop / Linux Mint, there is now.

This page contains some of my customized bash-scripts for automagic *add-repo / verify-key / install-app* procedure(s) that helped this process for novice users.

Currently, LTS-versions (and later patch-versions) of both Ubuntu Desktop and Linux Mint have all the apps listed on this page in their software-center.

For whatever reason, quite a few people need to replace certain software-packages, like: proprietary runtime environments, IDE's, streaming- / gaming-clients, browser-plugins, etc.

For these purposes, take a look at my bash scripts below (tested OK on following distros):

  • Linux Mint v13 (Maya), v14 (Nadia) and v15 (Olivia)
  • Ubuntu Desktop v12.04, v12.10 and v13.04

  • I have not tested the Java installation-scripts on Ubuntu Server, but they should work.

    Spotify - Linux Preview

    Spotify AB provides an online music-streaming service (the Spotify client), based in Sweden.

    You can add Spotify through your software-manager these days (2013+).

    I have been beta-testing it for well over 5 years now, but even in it's early beta-stage(s), it has proved more stable than any of the same Windows-versions (running on both Windows and Linux (with wine)) that I ever used.

    You currently need a Premium- or Unlimited-account to use Spotify on Linux.

    Spotify - Linux Preview (names are pixelized for anonymity)

    Steam for Linux

    Steam for Linux
    Steam is an online computer-game distribution framework. If you don't have a Steam-account, sign up for a free account at, download the script from this page, run it, and you'll be gaming on Linux in no-time! ;)

    My 'install-amd-steam-linux' script is for people with discrete AMD-based (Radeon/HD) accelerated graphics cards. It installs AMDs Catalyst 8.960 (old Precise-version) graphics-driver and the "Steam for Linux"-client (only available as a 32-bit binary for now, 64-bit is coming shortly according to Valve).

    My "install-nvidia-steam-linux" script is for people with discrete Nvidia-based (GeForce/Quattro) accelerated graphics cards. It installs the experimental Nvidia v310 graphics-driver (required by Steam) and the "Steam for Linux"-client (32-bit).

    Both scripts work on 32-/64-bit Linux Mint / Ubuntu operating systems (or variants of these).

    Steam for Linux client, showing 'Library > Install Uplink'

    Steam for Linux client in BigPicture-mode (1080P @ Store >)

    Big Picture-mode showing Uplink 'Ready to play' ( 1080P @ Library > Uplink )

    These screenshots were actually taken of the Steam for Linux beta-versions :P these early-versions were surprisingly useable at the time :)

    Now (mid-2013), the stable release-version has been out for a while.

    Oracle Java Runtime Environment
    (for Linux / Linux x64)

    Oracle JRE for Linux

    I will no longer be updating my java-installation-scripts, my bank does not require official Oracle Java anymore.

    The standard java-package in Ubuntu / Linux Mint (called "icedtea") now works with BankID.

    If you for some reason still want the scripts for your own use, drop me a line on e-mail ;) (link at bottom of page)


    Scripts are no longer usable, so I removed them.
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