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Name: Kim Olsen Gender: Male Age: 37 Height: 5'9'' Occupation: Operations Engineer E-mail:

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I am a 37 year-old experienced system administrator on multiple system-architectures / types in different operation-settings. I mainly focus on Linux and Unix-type (POSIX) systems on x86 / x86_64 and various ARM-platforms.

I also have varied experience(s) with select PowerPC-platforms (like Power Mac G5 (PowerPC 970FX) with OS X) and some Sparc-platforms (SPARC64 / UltraSPARC) running Sun Solaris (I have experience with this OS on both the SPARC- and x86/x64-platforms).

I would describe myself as independant, structured, problem-solving and responsible. I like challenges and am not afraid to give an extra effort. I also possess quite a bit of special competancy in; admin / security / network, but I also learn quickly about new technology.

I have american blood on my mother-side of the family, so I both talk and write fluent english.

Currently working as Operations Engineer for a local growing service-provider company involved in deep learning, virtual assistants, Big Data.

Earlier positions have included responsibilities and work-tasks that includes: system-administation, network-security, server-patching / -problem-solving, rack/blade-operation and other complicated (and less complicated) assignments in datacenter- / «corporate»- and small / medium-sized private businesses.

In Linux-based technology I have used different distributions over the years (even on differencing platforms), but always ended up using (and loving) the 3 originals; Slackware, Debian and Red Hat.

I personally use desktop-Linux for daily routines / tasks, have favored the use of Linux for server-tasks / stability, use my own customized Linux-based solutions on integrated systems (embedded / SoC) for diverse purposes (weather, surveillance, digital remote-lock) and I've configured and operated standard-services (e-mail / webservers / routing / SQL / NoSQL) and more advanced services (OpenStreetMap / PostgreSQL / PostGIS / enterprise-firewalls).

On these forementioned platforms and systems, I have (among other things) most experience with the following solution-stacks for web-services: LAMP (+ other AMP-stacks) and MEAN. Among catalog-services I have experience setting up and operating SMB/CIFS+OpenLDAP (cross-platform AD-compatibility) and standard *nix-specific LDAP+NFS-structure(s).

I also have normal > advanced experience with more conventional types of operating systems, data-ecosystems and setups (W.A.M.P. / Wintel / Active Directory) / Cisco Catalyst / HP ProCurve and other brands / types of OSI (Level 2+3) enterprise-/datacenter-level networking equipment.

I did consulting work on programming and utilizing MCU's (micro-controllers), for use within an open source "geolocation" framework, while at the same time maintaining / operating and securing the rack-infrastructure (domain, network, web-servers, databases, maptile-servers, geolookup, reverse-geolookup, coordinate-search, and so on) that comprises the backend(s) for the whole framework.

I've dipped my hands in a plethora of computing-environments and usecases, you could basically call me a computing Jack-of-all-trades :P

I've also programmed quite a bit in a heap of different languages, like:
C, C++, Go, Python, Perl, Bash, JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js, og så videre.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact me:

Current employment:

I started in October 2017 as Cloud Engineer for an innovative, creative and groundbreaking company involved in: Deep Learning / Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network / AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) software (algorithms) that drive and train automated virtual assistant-models (popularly called "chatbots") on cloud-based GPU servers (GPU Cloud Computing).

Here I do DevOps for full-stack developers / web-developers / AI-trainers and customers.

  • DevOps:
  • Database(s):
  • Net(App) rollout:
  • Client/server security:

  • Last hire:

    In June through September 2017 I did some contracting as a web-developer, with the following responsibilities:

  • DevOp:
  • Database(s):
  • Web-dev:
  • Client/server security:
  • Technical experience:

    I have broad experience as both an administrator and as a user in different industrial- and business-environments:

  • First to third line > service / operation / support:
    • WAN-ISP / middleware / datacenter / in-house support:
      • terminals, mini-servers, servers, rack-servers, MFDs, and so on.
      • customer support, tech support, troubleshooting, error correction, maintenance, and so on.

  • Affiliated network-administration:
    • on-location, co-hosting / co-location
    • virtual hosting (VPS), VPN, IP-VPN and SSLVPN.

  • Remote network-administration:
    • remote-location, shared hosting (co-hosting / co-location)
    • virtual hosting (VPS), VPN, IP-VPN and SSLVPN
    • 4G, 3G+, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Radio, WiFi

  • Virtual / physical server hosting / co-hosting:
    • DB-servers, SAN-servers, NAS-servers and various VPS-solutions, like:
      • Microsoft Hyper-V / System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
      • VMware vSphere | ESX / ESXi
      • Parallels Virtuozzo
      • Oracle Virtualbox
      • and other Linux-based alterntives, like: qemu, KVM, and so on...

  • Big- / medium- / small-sized storage solutions:
    • SAN-racks, SAN-servers, NAS-racks, NAS-servers, NAS-miniservers
    • Implementing RAID 1-6 / 1+0 on 64-bit Linux servers / 64-bit Windows Server 20xx
    • High-speed / High-Availability iSCSI, SAN, and so on.

  • Server operating systems:
    • Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008R2 / 2012R2
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Slackware, and similar
    • FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and similar.
    • OS X Server.

  • Client operating systems:
    • Windows 95 / 98SE / XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10
    • Fedora Core, Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu MATE, Linux Mint, Solus, Debian, SuSE, Slackware, and similar.
    • Dragonfly BSD, Desktop BSD, and similar.
    • Mac OS 9 / X.

  • Services:
    • E-mail services (selected admin-interfaces)
      • MS Exchange, Postfix, Exim, Squirrel mail, IceWarp, sendmail, and so on.
    • Network-services:
      • Nameserver(s) (DNS): BIND9, Active Directory, cPanel.
      • Firewall(s): IPTables, ufw, pf, ipfw, WS2008R2, WS2012R2.
      • Monitoring: PRTG, HP OpenView, Snort.
    • Geo-location:
      • Digital map: OpenStreetMap (2D slip-map), Nominatim (address-/coordinate-search)
      • Leaflet.js: JavaScript- and HTML5-based mini-library for digital map on website(s)
      • GIS-database(s): PostGIS (PostgreSQL - Geographic Information System)
        For OSM-use and map-tile generation (renderd > 2d slip-map map-tiles)
      • GeoIP: PHP-v5.x based IPv4 geo-location (find geographical location for an IP-address)
  • Everything can be performed on a variety of different computer-platforms and product-types for internal/external access, setup of mentioned access-types and other data-related work-operations. I rarely limit myself to one spesific product, or one particular platform.

    Other endeavours:

    2012 - now Steam for Linux — beta-tester
    2014 - now Linux bug-reporting / debugging to various game-companies.
    Ex: Team17, Haemimont Games, darkForge, Feral Interactive, etc.

    Contact information:

       Google Hangouts (IM):

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