Re-design examination project

"ReCTD" was my top-graded(6) upper secondary (college) examination project.

It was the final graduating exam for my 3-year art-school attendance.

The task was to use one of your favourite CDs, and redesign the cover from scratch. And it could only be done using standard art-materials (paper, paint, pencil, etc.) , with the option of fonttyping using a computer (we were not allowed to make the artwork using a computer, i.e. *cheating*).

I made my concept with the use of pencil-sketches and water-paint. I then scanned the raws into Photoshop, and applied the fonts (missing in the raw scans) and logo's to make a presentation preview for the exam.

You can find my full-size original scans on my Picasaweb (copyrighted).

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
CD cover freehand re-designs

Front booklet cover

Back cover

Promotional poster

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